Gratitude is the Fuel of Life

Gratitude is the Fuel of Life

Gratitude is the fuel of life, and the ripple effects of compassion towards your neighbor, community, and the city can change the world. Our Affinity Cares Club exercises this belief by partnering with organizations who are doing good around the world. Last month Operation Gratitude was identified as an organization to partner with who’s mission is to thank every American who serves.

So Affinity mobilized! Raising significant funds to send care packages to Deployed Troops and First Responders at home and around the world. One recipient had this to say upon receiving this unexpected gift,

“Your gifts and thoughts are more than appreciated. It put the largest smile on my face to have received the gifts. It’s nice to get a touch of love and appreciation so far from home. You are the reason I do this.”

This tangible expression of gratitude rippled across the country, across the sea, touching the heart of this American hero to put the largest smile on their face. Beautiful opportunities like this happen all the time at Affinity because when community mobilizes, it not only changes lives but can make true impact through a simple act of kindness.

We may have built the Affinity facility, but love and community power this place!