Enhance Your Social Life at an Active Adult Community

Enhance Your Social Life at an Active Adult Community

Finding friends who share your interests can be especially important as you reach retirement and have some extra leisure time. Living in a community that fits your active lifestyle can be a great way to continue doing the things you love with like-minded people. 

At an active adult community like Affinity, there are plenty of amenities to keep you busy. You can take a swim in the pool, catch a movie at the in-house movie theater, play a game of pickleball at the courts, or have a get-together in the community BBQ area. 

Events are another great way to meet new friends and stay connected with old ones. Whether you want to participate in a book club, attend happy hour, or go on a group outing, there are endless ways to stay connected. 

Plus, if you have an idea for an event or outing, you can organize it or ask for support from the Affinity team. Our events and clubs are resident-driven, meaning you can use our facilities to design an experience that suits your interests, whatever they may be! 

It’s easy to keep up with everything going on in the community using our app, MyAffinity. You can check out upcoming events, community updates and more so you never miss out on the fun.