Five Ways to Stay Active

Five Ways to Stay Active

Getting adequate exercise is essential throughout life but can become increasingly important for adults in their 50s and 60s to maintain bone density, muscle mass, and overall physical and mental health. 


If you’re looking for ways to incorporate exercise into your life, here are five options to consider: 


1. Low Impact Cardio

Finding activities that get your heart pumping is essential for cardiovascular health, but some activities can be strenuous on your joints. Walking, cycling, swimming, and water aerobics are all great, low impact cardio workouts.


2. Strength Training 

Resistance or strength training is great for building muscles and maintaining bone density, which is critical as you age. Whether you have access to equipment like weights, resistance bands, or just your own body, there are many effective ways to work your muscles. Try bodyweight exercises like push-ups, lunges, or squats, or hit the gym to utilize the many machines and free weights available. 



Staying flexible can help you maintain your mobility and reduce your chances of becoming injured. Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates are all good options for preserving and increasing flexibility. You can join an in-person class, stream a live class online, or find one on YouTube that you can do when it works for your schedule. 


4. Group Fitness Classes 

Joining a group fitness class can make exercise more social and enjoyable so that it may be easier to stick to. There are many types of group classes to explore, including Zumba, water aerobics, barre, spin, or yoga. 


5. Outdoor Activities 

If you love being outdoors, activities like hiking, biking, or playing golf are great options to move your body in a way that feels less like exercise. Plus, many outdoor activities make great group outings, so you can enjoy your loved ones’ company while supporting your health. 


What’s most important when finding a workout routine is that it feels enjoyable and sustainable. Mix it up and find different ways to move your body to support your mental and physical wellbeing. 


How Can Affinity Help You Stay on Track? 


Being an Affinity resident makes it easy to stay active. With 24/7 access to amenities like a pool and fitness center, there are plenty of ways to keep up your exercise routine without having to pay for a gym membership or leave the property. We also offer the MyAffinity App to residents where you can access fitness videos, challenges, and more. Plus, there’s plenty of group activities, which can make staying active more fun.