Affinity Helps Toys for Tots

Affinity Helps Toys for Tots

At Affinity we talk a lot about how active our communities are, but we actually live this out. This year was no different, when one of our properties received an urgent call from the North Pole pleading for Affinity’s help to fulfill Christmas wishes in Eagan, Minnesota.

So our residents …
Rose to their feet and made such a clatter,
Threw open their doors spilling over the party platter.

Men + Woman jumped in the woodshop and sewing room too,
Making one-of-a-kind Toys for Tots treasures for kids in their community, woohoo!

Once the tots toys were all constructed and tested for play,
They celebrated Happy Hour at Dilly Dally’s where memories are made.

The tabs were all closed, but the night was still young,
So they piled into a friends room for some after party fun.

Life’s true magic is lived in active community,
Merry Christmas from us to you, we hope you will consider living your active life with Affinity.