It’s Spring-Cleaning Time!

It’s Spring-Cleaning Time!

There are plenty of benefits to organizing and decluttering beyond having a pretty home. Decluttering can be calming and improve your mood, whereas living in a cluttered space can feel overwhelming. Plus, if you’re planning on right-sizing your home, getting a head start on reducing unneeded items can save you a headache later. 

So, let’s get this season off on the right foot with a clean, organized space.


Step 1: Assess Your Belongings 

Sometimes it’s helpful to start by pulling out your belongings in each room and assessing what you have versus what you actually use and enjoy. You can go through room by room and find the things that are just taking up space. 


Step 2: Clean Neglected Spaces 

While everything is pulled out, it’s a perfect time to sweep or vacuum in closets and under beds to remove any dust that may have collected there. 


Step 3: Donate or Have a Yard Sale 

You can give your unwanted items a second life through donation or holding a yard sale. If you live in a community, talk to your neighbors about having a community yard sale, so you can all promote it and get more people to come by. 


Step 4: Prepare to Right-Size Your Life 

Downsizing can make sense for many people who want to minimize the work they have to do on their home while maximizing their lifestyle. Plus, some active adult communities, such as Affinity Living Communities, are all-inclusive, which makes it easier to live your life to the fullest. If you’ve been thinking about moving into a smaller, lower maintenance space or are actively looking, think about the approximate square footage you plan on moving into as you go through your belongings. Even if you aren’t fully ready to move to a smaller home, reducing excess belongings now can save you time and money when you decide you’re ready.